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On writing as something enjoyable

You know the mantra: ‘work before play’? Well I’ve lived by it my entire life, and it’s trained me to think of anything worthwhile and profitable and productive (aka, work) as something that I have to do before I can have fun – not something that can be fun and joyful and fulfilling in itself. I’m working to correct this, because hard isn’t antithetical to fun.


Read this week

My favourite reads from The New Yorker, Storyline Blog, New York Times and World, covering topics from Scottish independence to learning to write before making the bed.

My Actual Foray Into the Blogging World

Somehow over the course of the last 10 years (that’ll be since I was in highschool, for those of you doing the maths), ‘writer’ became the noun that somehow was supposed to encapsulate my destiny. And so, since then – through the end of highschool, four years of university studying journalism and political science, and […]