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On writing as something enjoyable

You know the mantra: ‘work before play’? Well I’ve lived by it my entire life, and it’s trained me to think of anything worthwhile and profitable and productive (aka, work) as something that I have to do before I can have fun – not something that can be fun and joyful and fulfilling in itself. I’m working to correct this, because hard isn’t antithetical to fun.


The one good reason to read the news

Despite my grandiose ideals about the value of news consumption, I’ve spent most of my life failing to actually live up to them. Maybe I’m just lazy. Maybe I’m apathetic. Or maybe all my reasons for keeping up with the news fall short of actually giving me a really good reason.

Millennials: A generation paralysed by our own potential

There are many challenges millennials face that are entirely unique, and many that every generation has faced, just re-packaged and re-branded. Of the challenges unique to millennials, however, one is rather deceptive: our potential.

A step in the right direction

As I wrote in my very first post, I started this blog because I am committed to making myself write. This remains my commitment. However, when I first sketched out a number of ideas for topics I could write about on this blog, I saw it as a catch-all for my diverse interests (from fashion, […]

The Internet as Self Defence

I was walking to the bank yesterday (this is when I do much of my thinking) during a fairly mundane day at work, and my mind wandered to a question I visit often – why do I do the things I do on the internet, and what is my purpose? Perhaps it was the irony of dreaming about my lofty goals on the internet while running an errand for work, or perhaps it was just the fresh air, but the answer hit me like a crate of cassavas*. The internet is my ultimate form of self-defence.

How I learned to ignore my future and love the ‘everyday’

I turned 25 this year, which at least finally justifies the fact that I’ve been dancing around the edges of a ‘quarter-life crisis’ for the last couple years. One day I’ll talk more fully about my particular strain of the quarter-life crisis and what it means to me, but for today we’ll define it as: a post-college […]

My Actual Foray Into the Blogging World

Somehow over the course of the last 10 years (that’ll be since I was in highschool, for those of you doing the maths), ‘writer’ became the noun that somehow was supposed to encapsulate my destiny. And so, since then – through the end of highschool, four years of university studying journalism and political science, and […]