Kate originally hails from the greatest city in the world, Richmond, Virginia, and now lives in Bristol (also a pretty great city) with her husband of nearly-three years (his name is also the simple answer to the question ‘So – what brought you over here?’).

She works as an Executive Assistant at a small charity, a job originally intended to be a hold-over ’til she found use for her Journalism & Political Science degree, but which ended up being far more enjoyable and rewarding than she expected.

Having lived in Bristol nearly three years sans car, she’s taken to the streets on a road bike, and rather fallen in love with cycling.

In her spare time, she photographs things and people, helps out at her church, and occasionally dabbles in beating herself up for not writing more.

Often on the wings of her self-flagellation (see above), Kate has made good friends with the sneaking feeling that she isn’t living up to her potential, despite having a well-paying, stable job, an enjoyable life, and a supportive family. When she discovered she wasn’t the only millennial undergoing this ‘Quarter Life Crisis‘, she felt comforted, but still bewildered. She remains bewildered to this day; only now she blogs about it.


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