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I don’t feel as though I’ve read that many inspiring articles this week – maybe I just haven’t been looking hard enough! In lieu of sharing links to my favourite short pieces, I thought I’d share the books I’ve been enjoying recently – which I *have* been reading this week.

Made For More – by Hannah Anderson

I’m reading this book with a friend, and couldn’t recommend it more. This book addresses women on the topic of finding their true identity while piercing straight past descriptions of roles and stereotypes. The result is a truly inspiring vision for what it means to be a human being made in God’s image. For a much better review of this book, I recommend this one by Lore Ferguson.

What’s Best Next – by Matt Perman

One of the topics that comes up often in our house is that of productivity. It’s the ever-present struggle throughout our days and our weeks. This book by Matt Perman gives permission for Christians in particular to really engage in deep thinking about what it means to be productive, but with a thoroughly Biblical foundation, which gives it an extra layer of meaning.

Jeeves & the Feudal Spirit  – by P.G. Wodehouse

This series of books is quickly becoming one of my favourites – particularly for bedtime reading. They’re punchy and hilarious, but also leave me feeling truly impressed by Wodehouse’s mastery of storytelling and the English language. If you haven’t read them, I highly recommend it (along with the fantastic screen interpretation by Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie)


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  1. Matt Chapmam · · Reply

    That is a great combination of books to have on the go. I especially think it’s wise practice to complement a book on productivity with some Wodehouse 🙂

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