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One of my constant struggles when it comes to blogging is the way that I find it much easier to consume good content than create it. I can churn through articles (or interesting Twitter feeds) so easily, while creating content gets neglected.

In an effort to turn my content consumption into engagement and creation, I thought I’d share a few reads that I found interesting recently.

The Pleasure of Reading to Impress Yourself – The New Yorker (h/t Blythe)

I’ve always felt an internal tug-of-war when it comes to which books to choose to read. On the one hand, I feel compelled to read big impressive books solely because they’re big and impressive, and on the other hand I feel like your one motivation to read a book should be because you’ll enjoy it. This article bridged that divide beautifully, and gave me fresh inspiration to read tough books for the joy of impressing myself.

A Better Way of Introducing Yourself at Parties – Storyline Blog

This piece hits close to home for me, as someone who has spent a lot of time thinking about how they are (or whether they are) more than the sum total of what they do at work. I’d only add that, whether or not we change the way we introduce people at parties, we should change the way we think about who they really are and what they mean to us.

Coffee’s Slow Dance – New York Times

Even though reading articles like this make me feel slightly pretentious, I do it anyway – ’cause I love coffee. I particularly liked this article because it taught me something new. Until reading it I had no idea about the amazing coffee culture that exists in Japan, and the way it’s beginning to influence coffee culture in the west.


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