A step in the right direction

As I wrote in my very first post, I started this blog because I am committed to making myself write. This remains my commitment.

However, when I first sketched out a number of ideas for topics I could write about on this blog, I saw it as a catch-all for my diverse interests (from fashion, to food, to cycling around Bristol) as well as a space to explore some of the more puzzling ideas I’ve been grappling with the last few years – such as what it means to navigate the world as a newly-minted adult.

Since taking my first few baby steps to start this blog, I’ve come to realise that these dual purposes (a catch-all for my more lighthearted interests and a place to mull over slightly deeper things) don’t come together terribly elegantly. I’ve also discovered that I am both more challenged, and more rewarded by writing about slightly more complex things, and forcing myself to learn to communicate my scattered ideas through writing. For these two reasons, I’ve decided to focus this blog more on the latter – my thought processes, theories, realisations and questions about living my life in this current season.

A few notes about this focus:

1. I realise that it means my blog may have a very finite life. Seasons of life only stick around but for so long, and when I find myself moving on, this blog may as well.

2. I don’t purport to offer advice on the topics I write about – I hope simply to share some of my theories and questions in the hope that they might benefit others.

3. I would like my audience to be anyone. I’ve never felt particularly limited in talking to people outside my age group or walk of life, and I want this blog to reflect that. While I am all of the things listed in my blog header above, I want to challenge myself to write in such a way as to appeal to those who come nowhere close to being like me. Feel free to challenge me on that (there may be a golden opportunity coming up in my next post).

I would still like to have an outlet for the less-weighty topics of food, fashion, and cycling around Bristol – so any posts along those lines will move to my Tumblr (traipsings.tumblr.com).



One comment

  1. Awesome! I am excited to see where this new direction takes you!

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